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The most successful organizations Agree:
Performance based coaching is vital for individuals who want an edge, professionally and personally. At Middle East Trainers, we provide professional coaching programs for Executives, Managers and Employees of any rank, helping them excel in line with your corporate culture.

Once we have taken time to understand your company’s needs, we will tailor a program according to your time frames, goals and a style that suits your business. We will also introduce you to the professional performance coach whom we feel will work best with you.

We identify 2 types one-to-one coaching or Team coaching it is a co‡°construction Process. It helps a person or a team bring personal values and problem solving to the Fore.

Performance coaching covers a wide range of benefits. These are few examples:
  • Managing the transition to a more senior job role.
  • Improving peer working relationships.
  • Increasing personal levels of influence to achieve results.
  • Managing oneself and others for meeting deadlines.
  • Improving the performance of the team in achieving critical goals.
  • Leading a high performance team.
  • Decision making and creative problem solving.
  • Managing an employee whose personal difficulties are affecting their work.
  • Increasing awareness of one’s personal influence on other team members.
  • Preparing for and acquiring a promotion.
  • Improving internal sales processes to increase sales.
  • Communicating with impact and credibility.
  • Conflict resolution and enhancing work relationships within the team.
Typical program structure:
  • Initial face to face discussion to identify the training and coaching requirement.
  • Set measurable Goals and agree a training and coaching program.
  • Design the training.
  • Deliver the training.
  • Engage performance training.
  • Conduct an evaluation to assess what has been achieved.
  • Finally review goals and agree next steps.